Frank Arnold isn’t surprised when a customer asks to speak to the owner. It happens a lot. And, he usually knows what they’re going to say.

“That’s the best burger I’ve ever had.”

That they say it with some surprise doesn’t bother him. First-timers at Arnold’s Old Fashioned Hamburgers tell Arnold they wish it hadn’t taken them so long to discover the place. But the first-timers are fewer than the regulars, who pack the west Tulsa restaurant for lunch and dinner.

Arnold’s is just enough off the beaten path that it’s not the kind of place you stumble upon. Most people are there because a friend or co-worker told them about this place on the west side that makes good hamburgers. These are good, old-fashioned hamburgers like you maybe haven’t tasted since childhood.

Thirty years ago when Frank and Vicki Arnold opened, they hoped for a few customers. Their plan was to be a neighborhood restaurant, a place customers could count on for a good burger.

They’ve got the good burger part down. But the customer base has gone far beyond west Tulsa. People come from all over the city and beyond.

Arnold’s isn’t the place to go when you’re craving a salad. It’s the place for burgers and fries, light and crispy onion rings and homemade milkshakes.

The restaurant sells around 500 burgers a day. Arnold says they have always ground their meat fresh daily. Plenty of people have told him how much he could save by buying hamburger patties, but he’s not into cutting corners.

One-quarter-pound burgers are cooked on a griddle. They come with mustard, pickles, lettuce, tomatoes and onion, unless otherwise requested. Arnold also sells a lot of double- and triple-patty burgers.

“It’s nothing fancy,” Arnold says. “It’s not gourmet.”

And that’s just the way we hope it stays.

—Tulsa People Magazine

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